Residential Window Tinting in Apex, NC

Homes Protected Through the Windows

Triangle Window Tinting is the leading provider for residential window tinting in Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina and the surrounding areas. Each of our installers has over 15 years of window tinting experience, so you can be confident that your home is in good hands. In fact, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote and consultation to see what window film with best benefit you and your home.

There are a number of practical reasons to have our team install window tint in your home:

Improve Safety and Security

Increase your home’s comfort by protecting its interior. With scratch resistant hard coating film, you can minimize damage to windows through accidental abrasion, wear-and-tear. We also carry heavy gauge film for shatter resistance. There are many occasions when a home’s windows will shatter as a result of theft, vandalism, or an errant baseball. Our quality window tint is designed to keep the outside out, and the inside in.

Save Up to 40% on Energy Costs

Windows play an important role in regulating heat and energy in your home, and according to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual in the United States, approximately 50% of an average home’s utility bills are wasted by loss of heat and heat gain through untreated windows. Tinting the windows in your home will help you manage your home’s temperature and energy costs. LLumar window films can lower heating and cooling expenses by rejecting solar heat from the outside, eliminating hot and cold spots inside, and helping to prevent heat from escaping.

Stop the Effects of Harmful UV Rays

Most fabrics, furnishings and artwork can be damaged and fade simply by allowing daylight to pass through an untreated window. Homeowners can suffer damages to their furniture through consistent and unfiltered light, and carpets are known to fade when there is insufficient shading from the sun. By blocking more than 99% of all UV rays, LLumar window film will help preserve the color of your furnishings, fabrics and carpets, and help protect fine antiques, woods and works of art from discoloration and fading.

Enhance Your View

Open your blinds, shades, or draperies and let the sunlight in. LLumar window film reduces glare by up to 87%, making it easier for you to enjoy a good book, watch television, work on the computer, or nap during a beatutiful, hot summer day. And because LLumar is available in a variety of light and subtle shades, you’ll be able to enjoy your view without even knowing it’s there.

Latest Projects

Our clients include car dealerships, individuals, business owners, homeowners and commercial builders. The pictures are an example of some of our work. If there is a project you want complete, we can get it done! We are covered up to our eyeballs with full garage keepers insurance with general liability.

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Different Types of Residential Window Tinting We Offer:

Llumar Window Film

Windows are an important part of any building, from the light they let in to views they reveal. However, they also create a host of problems ranging from excessive glare, heat build-up and high energy costs to the premature fading of carpets, furniture and draperies. LLumar window film can help you control these problems while providing increased comfort and lower overall energy costs.

Decorative Window Films

While the effect is rich and striking, etched glass is difficult and costly to install and maintain. Altering etched glass is virtually impossible. And cleaning it can be problematic. By contrast, professionally installed LLumar decorative window films can replicate the look and feel of etched glass at a fraction of the price, and can be wiped clean with conventional glass cleaners. It is also easy to change, allowing you to update your look without replacing your windows. LLumar is available in a range of finishes, patterns and colors – offering stylish, effective privacy without sacrificing natural light – or your budget.