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At Triangle Window Tinting in Apex, NC, we are more than just a tinting service, we’re also window tinting consultants and educators. Believe it or not, there is a science to our window tinting expertise. Our specialists stay up-to-date on new technologies to benefit our customers and provide the best service possible. Many of our customers have high-end luxury vehicles, however, we work on all car makes and models to help you look cool and feel cool. Each of our installers has over 15 years of window tinting experience, so you can be confident that your vehicle is in good hands. If you are looking for a high-quality tinting job for your car, come to Triangle Window Tinting in Apex, NC. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

How Can I Benefit from Automotive Window Tinting?

Automotive tint offers you a cooler vehicle interior, less fading, more privacy, and a decrease in glare. Vehicles come from the manufacture with clear glass or privacy glass, and the privacy glass is for decoration only. The decorative glass still allows heat and UV rays into the vehicle. Many customers will add window film to the two front clear glass doors of their vehicle, which makes the driver and front passenger seats the coolest in the automobile and offer the most UV protection. Your back windows already have privacy glass, so we offer a clear film option that reduces heat in your vehicle and protects you and your family from harmful UV rays. Ask us about window film that will make you feel cool yet not further darken your privacy glass. We are here to prove that every vehicle can benefit from a proper window tint installation!

Get a Free Quote & Sample Window Film Consultation

We understand that some people have more questions than others, and we are happy to ask you to come in for a look at our product options. The fun part about being unsure of which tint you would like is our desire to help you decide. Come in and have a sample put on your window to gain an idea of how the finished product will appear. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and offer you a free quote! We are pleased to work with dealerships in the Cary Auto Mall as well as others such as Crossroads, John Hiester, and many more within the Triangle. We thank them for their business and offer free dealership pickup for your convenience.

Exceptional Products & Unsurpassed Warranty Claims and Repairs

We searched our industry to find only the best. For your vehicle, we offer Solar Control Window Film, hybrid, carbon and ceramic. There are different factors to consider with every type of window film for every type of vehicle, and our professionals are happy to offer insight into the benefits of each film so you can make the best tinting decision for your vehicle. In fact, we offer unsurpassed warranties because, hey, things happen. If they do, rest assured we only work with manufacturers who stand behind their products.

Latest Projects

Our clients include car dealerships, individuals, business owners, homeowners and commercial builders. The pictures are an example of some of our work. If there is a project you want complete, we can get it done! We are covered up to our eyeballs with full garage keepers insurance with general liability.

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Different Types of Automotive Window Films We Offer:

Automotive Films

Llumar ATR Series

High-performance metallized aluminum, which offers excellent heat rejection while being virtually invisible, combined with a Llumastar solution-dyed polyester substrate providing greater color uniformity and stability than most other films and an ultraviolet-absorbing layer altogether make Llumar ATR series an attractive addition to your vehicle. Llumar ATR Series comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty that covers both material and labor. With the great selection of shades and light transmissions that keeps you and your passengers comfortable, Llumar ATR Series can compliment any vehicle's style and color.

Llumar CTX Series

LLumar Axcess with Llumastar technology (color-stable warranty) specially engineered film provides superior heat reduction without causing signal interruption with cell phones, GPS systems, AM radio transmissions, diversified FM antenna systems, keyless entry devices, remote starters, tire pressure sensors, radar detection, and more. Unlike dyed films, high-performance window films are layered with metallic or ceramic particles. These particles enhance film performance by absorbing heat and reflecting the sun. Unfortunately, those same particles can also interfere with radio signals and other frequencies. LLumar Axcess utilizes a patent-pending hybrid technology that provides superior heat reduction without causing signal interference

SunTek Carbon Film

SunTek's Carbon automotive film line is a non-metal, non-fading film that uses a proprietary Carbon construction to provide the quality and performance you would expect from a superior film. This film has a non-reflective, black finish that also offers great solar performance with advanced UV protection to protect the interior of your vehicle. The non-metal layers in SunTek's Carbon film protect you from experiencing interference with signals from your cell phone, radio, or navigation system on high-end vehicles.

SunTek CIR Film

SunTek's CIR is produced with a layer containing ceramic nanoparticles, invisible to the human eye. Through ceramic non-metal technology, these particles help CIR offer enhanced levels of solar performance and UV ray protection. Designed to keep interior cool and exterior protected, CIR will enhance the protection of your vehicle.

SunTek Evolve Tint

SunTek's Evolve film is the pinnacle of window tinting. This tint is engineered to deliver extreme solar-blocking performance. It also increases protection with a powerful combination of glare reduction and UV defense. Added safety and electronic signal clarity round out the top-of-the-line features that encompass Evolve Window Tinting.

SunTek CXP (CarbonXP) Film

SunTek CXP automotive film uses the latest non-metal, nano-hybrid, Carbon technology to bring your vehicle the next generation of window film. This film has a non-fading, non-reflective, black finish to keep your vehicle looking sleek and polished. SunTek CXP offers superior heat protection from infrared and UV rays to keep your vehicle cool during hot weather and protect your vehicle's interior from sun damage. SunTek CXP film's non-metal layers allow you to have clear signals from your cell phone, radio, and GPS system that other metal films would cause interference with.

Related Services We Offer:

Tint Removal

Any decision to install a window tint on your home or vehicle does not have to be a permanent decision. Sometimes a window tint performs its purpose and is no longer useful. That’s when owners come to us to remove their vehicle or home’s window tint. Our installations are performed with precision that only looks permanent. Our expert technicians can remove your tint just as easily.

Door Edge Guards

This film is specially designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of exterior automotive finishes and helps protect your vehicle from stone chipping, abrasion and most types of environmental damage. Best of all, it is virtually invisible. It is clear coated to help make it resistant to yellowing and discoloration.

Headlight Restoration

This is an easy way to restore clarity to dull and cloudy headlights. Our technicians will restore your headlights to a pristine condition, please speak with one of our consultants to setup an appointment for service.