Vehicle Paint Protection Services

Industry’s Best Paint Protector–SunTek PPF

Expert Application–Saving Every Paint Job

Our paint protection products are made from SunTek Paint Protection Film (PPF), which is an almost indestructible, clear film. The SunTek PPF is the toughest film on the market today, and will ensure that you enjoy your quality paint job for as long as you drive your vehicle. SunTek PPF offers invisible protection from damage caused by road debris such as rocks, salt, and insects. The invisible protection allows the manufacturers aesthetics to shine through unaffected, so your vehicle will continue to keep turning heads with the PPF’s superior optical clarity and high-gloss finish. SunTek PPF is a self healing top-coat formualtion that is scratch and crack resistant. Imagine that, an invisible protector, that is almost indestructible. There are not many road elements that your new SunTek Paint Protection Film would not resist.

Computerized Precision–Area’s Best Paint Protective Service

Our experienced installation staff uses computer cut patterns that are specific to your vehicle. Our technicians can match our unique paint protective films to any vehicle. For any new vehicle with a quality paint job that you’d like to protect, our paint protection services are ideal. If you don’t have any scratches or dings on your paint job, now is the best time to schedule your protection services. Don’t wait until you pay a lot of money for a new paint job, to realize how important protective paint film is.

Paint Job Looking Good?–Protect It!

Installation experience plays a major role in how the finished product appears. After you receive a high quality paint job, your next step should be to protect it. We install a tremendous amount of paint protection film for Cary’s high end dealerships and retail clients. It’s evident how good we can make your car’s windows and body look, and preserve it for years to come. You can check out our work right here, on the highways, or at dealerships throughout the Triangle area, and you’ll see the difference in our quality service is clear. Give us a call at 919-363-3320 to schedule a service appointment or a consultation.