Different Types of Automotive Window Films We Offer:

Automotive Films

Llumar Premium ATC Series

Llumar Non-Metal Films with Llumastar technology (color-stable warranty) provide a high-quality non-reflective appearance that will blend with every vehicle. The traditional construction of Llumar with its solution-dyed color and its ultraviolet-absorbing layer and scratch-resistant coating make it a durable choice for those preferring non-metal films. Unlike lower quality color-coated products, Llumar’s deep-dyed process impregnates the color completely throughout the film, ensuring greater color consistency. Available in a wide variety of light transmissions and shades, Llumar Traditional Non-Metal Automotive Films are an attractive, yet economical compliment to any vehicle.

Llumar ATR Series

High-performance metallized aluminum, which offers excellent heat rejection while being virtually invisible, combined with a Llumastar solution-dyed polyester substrate providing greater color uniformity and stability than most other films and an ultraviolet-absorbing layer altogether make Llumar ATR series an attractive addition to your vehicle. Llumar ATR Series comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers both material and labor. With the great selection of shades and light transmissions that keeps you and your passengers comfortable, Llumar ATR Series can compliment any vehicle’s style and color.

Llumar CTX Series

LLumar Axcess with Llumastar technology (color-stable warranty) specially engineered film provides superior heat reduction without causing signal interruption with cell phones, GPS systems, AM radio transmissions, diversified FM antenna systems, keyless entry devices, remote starters, tire pressure sensors, radar detection, and more. Unlike dyed films, high-performance window films are layered with metallic or ceramic particles. These particles enhance film performance by absorbing heat and reflecting the sun. Unfortunately, those same particles can also interfere with radio signals and other frequencies. LLumar Axcess utilizes a patent-pending hybrid technology that provides superior heat reduction without causing signal interference

SunTek Carbon Film

SunTek’s Carbon automotive film line is a non-metal, non-fading film that uses a proprietary Carbon construction to provide the quality and performance you would expect from a superior film. This film has a non-reflective, black finish that also offers great solar performance with advanced UV protection to protect the interior of your vehicle. The non-metal layers in SunTek’s Carbon film protect you from experiencing interference with signals from your cell phone, radio, or navigation system on high-end vehicles.

SunTek HP (High Performance) Film

SunTek’s HP film has been a staple in the automotive industry for years due to its high performance and impressive quality. The film is a dyed-metal, hybrid construction. It offers superior protection from heat and glare to keep your vehicle cool and your vision clear. The SunTek HP film is available in a variety of colors, including charcoal, bronze, and blue to match your personal style.

SunTek CXP (CarbonXP) Film

SunTek CXP automotive film uses the latest non-metal, nano-hybrid, Carbon technology to bring your vehicle the next generation of window film. This film has a non-fading, non-reflective, black finish to keep your vehicle looking sleek and polished. SunTek CXP offers superior heat protection from infrared and UV rays to keep your vehicle cool during hot weather and protect your vehicle’s interior from sun damage. SunTek CXP film’s non-metal layers allow you to have clear signals from your cell phone, radio, and GPS system that other metal films would cause interference with.